< No. 13 Sevilla – Le Fermier Créateur de Saveur

No. 13 Sevilla

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Product Description:

Perfect for: 

Add to your favourite fruit tart, pie, or chocolate dessert recipes. For cocktails, incorporate into your favourite sour recipe to enhance the citrus kick, or add to a classic punch for, well, more punch!

How to use: 

For baking, add alongside dry ingredients as part of the baking recipe. For cocktails, stir into other liquids to dissolve sugar before serving.


Close your eyes, breathe in the scent of this blend and be transported to the famous orange orchards of Seville. The city, located in the south of Spain has a long, rich history, influenced by both Spanish and Moorish cultures over many hundreds of years.

Ingredient/ Allergens:

Blood Orange, Peaches, Mandarin, Vanilla Bean Sugar, Cardamon, Pistachio